Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Cover Reveal: When the World Ended and We Were Invaded: Season 3

There isn't much time left until Season 3 is released, so I figured I'd post the official cover reveal. There isn't a summary yet, but don't worry! I'm working on it. 😊

What do you think of this cover?

I can't wait for you guys to read the final season! 😃


  1. I'm not into zombies but I prefer aliens, do I need to read season 1 and 2 before reading 3?

    1. Hi, Gibbo! I'd recommend reading Seasons 1 & 2 prior to reading Season 3. There's a lot you'd miss if you just read the last season. Season 1 focuses more on zombies, Season 2 is a mixture of both, and Season 3 has more aliens than zombies. I hope this helps! :)

    2. Hi Rebecca, thx for the info bought and started reading season 2 and definitely buying season 3.


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