Friday, October 30, 2015

10 Writing Prompts for Epic Fantasy Writers

The sole purpose of writing prompts is to stir your imagination and make you want to finish them. Here are ten writing prompts for Epic Fantasy writers:

1. A wizard witnesses something terrible inside his/her magical Gazing Pool. What did he/she see?

2. A necromancer villain becomes an unlikely hero. A sorcerer hero is made out to be a villain. Write a story about this mishap, then have them switch back to their original roles.

3. A shaman and a druid face-off as enemies, but are then forced to work together to battle a much bigger foe if they want to save their homeland. Will they remain friends, or go back to hating each other?

4. A king needs a precious, magical stone stolen from his enemy in order to save his kingdom from ruin. He enlists the help of a local thief from the village. The thief embarks on a perilous journey. What dangers will he face along the way?

5. Bickering among high-ranking Elven officials leads to a split in their community. Half leave their homeland behind to start over, becoming a newly-named race of Elves. Two best friends/lovers are forbidden to see each other after the split, but, against all odds, they continue to do so anyway. Write a story about their friendship/love affair.

6. A paladin investigates the creation of artificial magic in a different land. Who is behind this magic, and what role will the magic play in helping them conquer other lands?

7. In a world where magic is forbidden, a mage is trying his/her hardest to conceal his/her powers. Will he/she be caught?

8. Storm giants rule the vast plains of this world. Magical beings are tired of hiding and living in fear. They plot to destroy the storm giants once and for all, so they can be free. But how?

9. Titans have long hated humans, and they won’t hesitate to kill them. A rebellion stirs. Humans are tired of being treated like dirt. Will they build an army big enough to destroy the titans, or will they be the ones who are destroyed?

10. A monk and a priest are forced to make an epic journey. They can't stomach being around each other for longer than necessary. What will they discover along the way?

Happy writing!

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