Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Teaser Tuesday: M.I.N.D. (Mind's Eye, #3)

I honestly can't remember the last time I wrote a Teaser Tuesday post, but it's been a while. I've contemplated whether I should make this a weekly thing again and include snippets of whatever project (or projects) I'm working on.

What I will say is that this blog is about to be revamped. No, not from a design perspective, but from more of a writing/post perspective. I need to include more posts than just book reviews, my book updates, and Summarize Sunday. I know, I know. I should've done this ages ago, but I've been busy.

So, this year, I hope to publish interesting posts related to writing, books, and my life as a full-time author, starting with Teaser Tuesday, and this snippet from M.I.N.D. (Mind's Eye, #3):

Knock, knock, knock. 
I sat up. Had Leonard forgotten to tell me something? Rising to my feet, I walked across the room and opened my bedroom door. The person standing in front of me wasn’t Leonard. 
“Cassandra’s calling a mandatory meeting,” Fatana said. 
I cringed. “This late?” A dull throb pulsated inside my head, and I massaged the area, hoping it’d relieve the ache. So far, it wasn’t working. 
Fatana shrugged. “Apparently so. I’m not sure what it’s about, but she acted like she struck gold, or something. Too excited for her personality.” 
“Yeah, definitely out of character,” I agreed. “Okay, I’m assuming this is in the cafeteria.” 
Deadpan, Fatana replied, “Isn’t it always? It’s the only room large enough to hold everybody.” 
“True. Let me change out of my PJ’s, and then I’ll head that way.” 
She nodded and moved on to the next room, her knocks echoing down the hallway. 
What could this meeting possibly be about? It had to be worthwhile for her to call a meeting this late. Had she discovered something we previously missed? Something invaluable to our cause? 
Sliding on my clothes, I ambled towards the cafeteria. Many people stood outside their doors, frowning and attempting to wipe the sleep from their eyes. Others didn’t wait on anyone and marched past us. Slowly but surely, we all headed in the same direction. 
Cassandra was poised atop a cafeteria table, as she usually did when she needed to address everyone as a whole. Her eyes scanned the crowd, like she was mentally keeping a head count. 
I walked up to her. “What’s going on?” 
“You’ll see,” she said, and then her grim look morphed into a beaming smile. 
Shaking my head, I fell in line with the droves of exhausted Dreamers and found a seat at the end of a table. Where was Leonard? He should’ve been here by now. Unless he— 
“All right, everyone! Quiet down!” Cassandra shouted. 
Only a few Dreamers still trickled through the doors, but the majority of our group was already seated. Fatana and a few other Warriors peered down the hallway, then shook their heads at Cassandra. Nobody else was coming. 
Clearing her throat, Cassandra bellowed, “I’ve been driving myself crazy attempting to come up with a solution to our dire situation. We need more fighters. And even though we have more Dreamers arriving within the next two days, it won’t be enough to take on the M.I.N.D.” She paced back and forth across the table in the center of the room. “I’ve waited for an answer to fall into my lap, and now that I have one, I don’t know how I didn’t see it before.” Pausing, she licked her lips and grinned, all teeth. “It’s so simple: we need to enter our dream worlds, recruit our imagined people or creatures, and bring them with us when we invade the Ministry. Our numbers would be legion, which would rival theirs. That is how we’re going to wipe out one of the most powerful organizations on this planet.”

Please keep in mind that this snippet is in rough draft form and is subject to change during edits.

Also, if you're a writer who participates in Teaser Tuesday, feel free to link your Teaser Tuesday blog post in the comments below!

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