Friday, July 4, 2014

Book Review: Catch a Falling Star

A deliciously charming novel about finding true love . . . and yourself.

Nothing ever happens in Little, CA. Which is just the way Carter Moon likes it. But when Hollywood arrives to film a movie starring former child star turned PR mess Adam Jakes, everything changes. Carter's town becomes a giant glittery set and, much to her annoyance, everyone is starry-eyed for Adam. Carter seems to be the only girl not falling all over herself to get a glimpse of him. Which apparently makes her perfect for the secret offer of a lifetime: playing the role of Adam's girlfriend while he's in town, to improve his public image, in exchange for a hefty paycheck. Her family really needs the money and so Carters agrees. But it turns out Adam isn't at all who she thought he was. As they grow closer, their relationship walks a blurry line between what's real and what's fake, and Carter must open her eyes to the scariest of unexplored worlds - her future. Can Carter figure out what she wants out of life AND get the guy? Or are there no Hollywood endings in real life?

This was one of those stories that would make for a great beach read; it’s quick and cute, but doesn’t really dig into the serious, contemporary topics like most books in the same genre.

Carter Moon has worked at her parents’ cafĂ© ever since her dance career took a nosedive. The town of Little, California, is the perfect small town, where everyone knows each other, and where nothing ever happens. 

Until Hollywood comes knocking. 

The latest Adam Jakes flick will be filmed in Little, and after all the bad publicity Adam’s received in the past few months, his team decides he needs a small-town girl to divert the media’s attention. That’s when Carter gets the deal of a lifetime. In exchange for pretending to be Adam Jakes’ girlfriend, she’ll be paid handsomely—enough that she can help bail her brother out of trouble. But when the lines blur between what’s pretend and what’s real, Carter realizes she’s in over her head. How can a girl who wants to stay in her small town forever fall for a guy who travels the world for a living? 

This was a charming read. I really enjoyed the friendship Carter had with her best friend, Chloe, and Chloe’s boyfriend, Alien Drake. The three of them would climb onto Alien Drake’s roof every night and stargaze. I also enjoyed Alien Drake’s blog posts. I loved how they were analogies for Carter and Adam, even though they were talking about the stars/cosmos/universe. And, of course, The Hobbit references. Can’t go wrong there. Overall, if you enjoy contemporary romance, then I’d recommend picking up this book. 

**ARC courtesy of publisher via NetGalley

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