Monday, June 2, 2014

Cover Reveal: Mindful (Mind's Eye, #2)

I'm gearing up to write the sequel to Mind's Eye, which, personally, I can't wait to dive into! There's going to be so much action and drama in this book, it'll blow your mind (no pun intended). ;) I'm hoping to release Mindful in late July.

Without further ado, here's the summary and cover:
Kearly Ashling went from pretending she lost her imagination to being kidnapped in roughly one hour. Kearly’s kidnapper has her own plans, and they involve the Rebels, the group who desperately wants to topple the M.I.N.D. from the inside out. But before Kearly can figure out her kidnapper’s true intentions and regroup with the Rebels, she’s sucked into the imaginative world of a mysterious mind-hopper—a man with powers greater than anyone in the Ministry. He can’t be controlled. He can’t be located. And he only wants one thing: Kearly.


  1. This Cover release and summary is a tease! Cant wait for the Mind's Eye Volume 2 (Mindful)!!!!!


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