Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Year In Review

2012, for me, was a good year. I challenged myself more often and realized there are still plenty of goals to reach in the coming year. One of my major goals in 2012 was to sell at least 50,000 copies of my books. I can officially say this goal has been reached.
I'm hoping with writing/releasing more books in 2013, and with the addition of two new series, I'll be able to surpass more goals and reach more readers. Amazon continues to introduce new countries to their KDP program, and Barnes & Noble recently announced they're expanding to the United Kingdom. Apple went from selling in over 30 countries to selling in over 50 countries. Even if I don't sell a single book next year, at least I'll know that my books are available around the world for readers to download, if they want.
Another personal goal of mine is to cut back on the amount of ARCs I've accumulated. I'm way behind on reading at the moment, and have ARCs as far back as August that I'm trying to finish up. Don't be surprised if you see late reviews for these books in the coming months. Once they're out of the way, though, I'll be able to move forward with tackling my never-ending TBR pile. There are hundreds of books in my personal collection that I can't wait to read and review.
2013 will be an exciting year, and I can't wait.
Happy New Year, everyone! I wish you and yours a prosperous and magical year to come. :)


  1. Congrats on your sales! I wish you much success in 2013 and beyond.

  2. Congrats, Becca! I'm so impressed with all the work you've done with your books, and I'm glad it's paying off for you <3

  3. Congratulations on your sales!! Hope 2013 is even more awesome than 2012!


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