Sunday, November 4, 2012

Help me make ALPHA MOON free!

So I've been crazy busy the last couple of months, finishing up Alpha Moon and In the Shadows. Yes, they have been released. But I'd like to make both of them free. I just don't see people paying $0.99 for these books, when you can buy one of my novels for the same price. This is why I haven't announced their releases on my blog. I was hoping that Amazon would've dropped the price on Alpha Moon by now, but they're being pretty anal about it, which is why I haven't uploaded In the Shadows to Amazon yet. Alpha Moon still isn't available on Barnes & Noble or Sony ebooks, but it's available everywhere else. Every day, I contact Amazon through my two accounts (author and personal), and submit the links to tell them about a lower price. Apparently, that's not enough. I need y'all's help. :)
The link to advise them about a lower price is under the "Product Details," and it looks like this:
The link to Alpha Moon's page on Amazon:

The links to Smashwords, Kobo, Diesel, and Apple, where Alpha Moon is free:
All you have to do is go to Alpha Moon's Amazon page, click on "tell us about a lower price," fill in the option for "Website (Online)," and then click on "Submit Feedback." Where it says "Price ($)" and "Shipping cost ($)" just type in 0.00.
The form looks like this:
Hopefully, if I can get enough people to participate, they'll drop the price to free. I've been saying this for a couple of weeks now, but Amazon's decided to be an asshat about it instead. I just don't understand why this is so difficult, especially considering how many free books are out there.
Thank you in advance for any help you can give me! I'll love you forever. :D

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  1. If you make them available on BN and then send them the link I would hazard a guess that price would go down immediately.


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