Wednesday, January 18, 2012

I Just Hit "Publish" for Black Moon :)

I've had A LOT of people ask me when Black Moon will be published. Originally, the release date was January 13th, but I ran slightly behind schedule. I finished editing/formatting earlier tonight and can now say I've hit the "Publish" buttons for both Amazon and Barnes & Noble. :)

Which brings me to this:

I'm currently participating in Amazon's KDP Select Program and have granted exclusive rights to Amazon for ninety days for both Silver Moon and Under the Stars. Once that ninety days is over, I'll probably re-publish SM and UtS on B&N once again.

I'm SO excited to see what everyone thinks about Black Moon. I really enjoyed diving into Candra and Ben's story yet again, and I'm glad I can share it with you all.


  1. So are you doing a Goodreads and Librarything giveaway so the rest of us can get a jump on a copy? I believe only Librarything does the ebooks. Oh! I'm so excited for you and will be checking out Black Moon.

  2. Very Excited to read it! Think I will go re-read SM to prepare. :)

  3. LM - I have a Goodreads giveaway going on now through January 31st, and I'll be participating in a blog hop from March 8th - 13th. I'll be giving away copies of all my books in the blog hop + other prizes. :D

    Donna and Jody - I'm excited FOR you guys to read it! :D *dances*

  4. I loved it. Please say book #3 is coming ASAP!! Keep up the wonderful work and I love Ben and Candra

  5. Thank you, Katie! Book #3 probably won't be out until 2013, but I'm hoping to release the prequel to Silver Moon this September. :)


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