Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Confession # 39

I confess . . .

  • That I don't have a lot of time lately to write reviews and/or blog posts. Sucks, but I promise I have lots of good reviews headed y'all's way. Be prepared. ;)
  • Most of my time is spent writing these days. Want to hear something crazy? Black Moon isn't finished, and I'm about 10,000 words behind schedule. No bueno, mi amigos. HOWEVER, I will be catching up in December, especially during the holidays and on weekends. Work has taken its toll on me lately and I just haven't had the stamina to write once I get home.
  • Black Moon will be TEN TIMES better than Silver Moon. I can promise you that. I know there are several people complaining about how nothing's resolved in SM, and how crappy my writing is. Thankfully, there are several issues resolved (and several which are unresolved) in book two, and my writing has improved by drastic leaps and bounds. You won't be disappointed (at least, I hope not).
  • Lastly, I'll be starting my Spring semester of college the day before Black Moon is released. I don't really have a choice; I have to finish by then. The only info I can give you right now is that there's more action and romance than before, and three main characters die. That's it! That's all I'm telling you. My lips are sealed --> :x


  1. I would rather you write Black Moon than Blogs. I can't wait to find out what happens next.

  2. Thanks, Jody! I'm excited to see what everyone will think about this one. :D


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