Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's up, up, and awaaaaay!

I've changed the blog around, guys. I've been saying I would for a couple of weeks, but I finally did it this past weekend. I wasn't really sure what I envisioned for this blog, but I knew I wanted something dark. What do you guys think? Does it fit?

Also, check out the spiffy URL. Eh? Eh? *nudges* Cool, huh? And the little crow at the front of the URL (aka "Favicon"). Isn't it cute? (until it poops on your head!)

In other news...

In a few days (the 15th) I'll know the exact number of books I sold on Kindle last month. Last I checked it was over 1,100. THAT'S INSANE! It's very, very hard for me to believe that my baby is on Kindles across the globe, waiting patiently to be read by people I've never met. THANK YOU to everyone who bought Silver Moon and/or Under the Stars. I mean that, from the bottom of my rejected/exhausted/disillusioned heart. I'm so happy I can share stories with people after so many tough years of writing. I sincerely hope you find my books an entertaining read.

This part of self-publishing, the part where you can SEE your books-sold count, can drive someone a little nuts. I've been doing my best to avoid this aspect and focus more on writing the next book. Some crazy stuff has happened so far, guys. I'm really anxious for everyone to read it. I already like it more than SM. :)

Let's see... What else? Oh! I'm tackling a diet, eating lots of fish, fruit and veggies. Not easy, but it could be worse. And I'm trying to quit smoking for the 29829482nd time. WAY worse than any diet. Other than this, it's the normal eat/breathe/sleep mode. And work--but who counts that? ;)

What have you guys been up to lately? Any good news I've missed out on?


  1. I'm so proud of you, Becca! And your new blog layout looks great :)

    p.s. if you manage to quit smoking GIVE ME TIPS. I have been trying to nag my husband into quitting since the moment we started dating and I have not succeeded lol.

  2. Thanks, Kaitlin! :D

    I will definitely give you tips if I'm successful. It's tough, but it'll be well worth it in the long run health-wise and money-wise. I'm using electronic cigs right now, and they help with the habit itself (puffing on something + nicotine) minus the harsh chemicals, but they aren't the same. Hopefully it'll all work out.


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