Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Amazon Kindle Indie Bookstore

Imagine my surprise when I received this month's newsletter from Amazon and the first part is about the launch of the Amazon Kindle Indie Bookstore. Yes, my friends. INDIE BOOKS. As in: Self-published books for your Kindle. As in: We have our own piece of Amazon now.

We have our own piece of Amazon now!

Excuse me while I squee uncontrollably. I can't even begin to explain how exciting this is, you guys. It's like self-publishers are FINALLY being accepted. I think the bar has been set a little higher than in the past, and now we have the ease of controlling our future, our destiny.


Sorry. That's my overactive imagination speaking. Anyway, I'm leaving you guys with the link so you can download wonderful (and cheap!) books to your Kindles:


I've also put this in my links list on the right side of this blog.

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