Saturday, June 18, 2011

Official Cover Reveal of Black Moon

Being an indie author means you have to either create your own covers or have someone do it for you. I'm lucky enough to have *some* skills on Photoshop. While I've been through several versions, I've finally settled on this:

Let me explain quickly why I love this. It's not the fact that I was lucky enough to find a stock photo with a brunette holding a silver heart locket (read SM and you'll understand the symbolism of this), it's the way her powers are leaking out of the necklace like they can't wait to be released. And, boy, are they ever fighting to get out of there. *squees a little*

I really, really, really can't wait to finish this book so you guys can read the next chapter of this trilogy. I think this next one will be more action-packed and I'm dying to get it out there. You know, before the great apocalypse of 2012 and whatnot.

Want to add it to your Goodreads shelf? Click awaaaay.


  1. awesome, Rebecca. totally jealous of your knowledge around photoshop. I so need to take a course on it. It looks really great! Best of luck, can't wait until it's available!

  2. This cover is amazing - I WISH I has ps skills like this!!!
    *cries in a jealous fit*

  3. LOL! Thanks, East Coaster! :D PS just takes some practice, but it's totally worth it. ;)


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