Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Book Review: Those That Wake

New York City’s spirit has been crushed. People walk the streets with their heads down, withdrawing from one another and into the cold comfort of technology. Teenagers Mal and Laura have grown up in this reality. They’ve never met. Seemingly, they never will.

But on the same day Mal learns his brother has disappeared, Laura discovers her parents have forgotten her. Both begin a search for their families that leads them to the same truth: someone or something has wiped the teens from the memories of every person they have ever known. Thrown together, Mal and Laura must find common ground as they attempt to reclaim their pasts.

**ARC Courtesy of NetGalley

Goodreads: 1/5 stars

This is probably the briefest review I've ever done:

There was too much narrative, which didn't even read as YA. I couldn't finish the book.

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