Friday, April 15, 2011

Well, that didn't take long...

Silver Moon (Kindle format) is now $2.99 on Amazon! :)

I've been shipped the proof review of SM in paperback. Can't wait to see that!

Also, the Silver Moon giveaway on Goodreads begins tomorrow, end in June. Complete with swag. ;)


  1. Super-congratulations! I didn't know you were getting published :O
    This is such amazing news, Becca :)

  2. This is wonderful news!!! I love SM - can't wait for the paperback!!!

  3. Very cool. I will be entering and making a tweet so others can enter too!!

  4. Thanks, Heather!! <33

    Thanks, LovLiv!! <33

  5. Congrats rebecca. Good to see you were able to complete your trilogy. Is it much different from when I read it in writers cafe? My display name was sound there. I stumbled upon your blog since I was visiting WC :)


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