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Book Reviews: Past Midnight # 1, 1.5 and 2

Let me set the record straight. My name is Charlotte Silver and I'm not one of those paranormal-obsessed freaks you see on TV…no, those would be my parents, who have their own ghost-hunting reality show. And while I'm usually roped into the behind-the-scenes work, it turns out that I haven't gone unnoticed. Something happened on my parents' research trip in Charleston—and now I'm being stalked by some truly frightening other beings. Trying to fit into a new school and keeping my parents' creepy occupation a secret from my friends—and potential boyfriends—is hard enough without having angry spirits whispering in my ear. All I ever wanted was to be normal, but with ghosts of my past and present colliding, now I just want to make it out of high school alive…

Goodreads: 5 out of 5 stars

Charlotte Silver's parents are leaders in all things paranormal. They even have their own television show and published books, which have made bank as "Silver Spirits". But when Charlotte is targeted by an entity, the family's idea of "ghosts" is thrown out the window, and they decide to finally settle down just outside of Charleston.  

Trying to fit in at her new school and keeping her parents' secret from the student body is enough to worry about, but then Charlotte is contacted by a spirit with the same name via her dreams. Turns out the girl's parents are looking for her, and they think Charlotte Silver is the person who can find their long-lost daughter. But can she really be the one to help?

I loved everything about this book. Charlotte's voice immediately drew me in and I couldn't stop reading. This series is different from most books out there. I would definitely recommend this for anyone looking for a quick read and a little ghost adventure.

As the daughter of the famous Silver Spirits paranormal investigators, Charlotte Silver is used to all things weird. But when coffins start floating down her street during a flood, life turns extra strange. And wonderful, when her friend and crush Noah signs on to help Charlotte and her folks in the aftermath. Cemetery cleanup might not sound exciting, but as shocking discoveries and a lurking stranger come to light, Charlotte learns that sometimes, raising the dead can bring unexpected rewards.

Goodreads: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Charlotte Silver and the Silver Spirits group are at it again. In the bridging novella, a hurricane hits the coast of South Carolina and everyone feels the aftermath--especially when coffins float through the streets. Charlotte, her family and their friends are, of course, more than happy to help clean up. Soon the coffins tell their own story. But who is the man who seems dead-set on hiding the real truth behind those wooden boxes?

I happened to see this book on Amazon's Free Books List and immediately downloaded it to my Kindle, thinking maybe there was a lot of important information to add between books one and two. I still don't see what that information is. While I do love these books, I felt this one was unnecessary. The book constantly recounted the events that played out in book one, and the only details added to heighten the story was the relationship between Noah (Charlotte's crush) and Charlotte. Don't get me wrong--this book is still a great read, and if you plan on reading the series, you might as well read this one.

It's taken a long time for me to feel like a normal teenager. But now that I'm settled in a new school, where people know me as more than Charlotte Silver of the infamous Silver family paranormal investigators, it feels like everything is falling into place. And what better way to be normal than to go on a date with a popular football star like Harris Abbott? After all, it's not as if Noah is anything more than a friend….

But my new life takes a disturbing turn when Harris brings me to a party and we play a game called One Hundred Candles. It seems like harmless, ghostly fun. Until spirits unleashed by the game start showing up at school. Now my friends and family are in very real danger, and the door that I've opened into another realm may yield deadly consequences.
Goodreads: 5 out of 5 stars
Release Date: February 22, 2011
**ARC Courtesy of NetGalley
Charlotte's finally settling in to the idea that her problems with crazy ghosts and floating coffins is over. What she doesn't know is that she's about to face her worst problem yet.
During a paranormal investigation on Christmas, Charlotte is attacked by something that calls itself a Watcher. More than a demon, this spirit is ancient--and powerful. When Charlotte and her friends leave a party one night to light one hundred candles, a game that was only meant to bring more fun than harm, weird stuff starts happening. 
But Charlotte's trying to keep her mind off of these events--including the fact that her parents can't stop fighting--and more focused on her new boyfriend, Harris Abbott. Since Noah blew Charlotte off at the homecoming dance, she figures they're just friends, right?
Just when she thinks her life has returned to normal, the Watcher returns. And he's not going down without a hell of a fight.
I loved this book, just as I loved the first one. Charlotte's voice kept me reading and I was able to finish this in a couple of days, even with a busy schedule. I would definitely recommend this series to anyone who loves ghost-related material.

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