Sunday, December 5, 2010

I Love Surprises, Don't You? :)))

So, I'm an epic fail at NaNo. BUT I did get a lot of revisions finished on my other book, which was a must. I've been doing a lot of reading lately, too. And while going through my tubs full (yes, it's true) of books, I realized there are still books that I wish I could have. (Now, thanks to ze Kindle, my dreams will come true!)

Guys, we're writers. We like to reward ourselves. Chocolate. Coffee. Lounging in front of the TV. Whatever. And I know, during the month of November, 100% of you wrote something. Anything. Doesn't matter if it was just a sentence or two. A lot of you weren't participating in NaNo, but you still had plans to write/revise.


How can I reward my friters (pronounced fry-ters, as in "fellow writers")?


I will buy and send you any book of your choosing.

But get this: I'm not going to have just one winner. How does two sound?

Hard work does pay off. Doesn't matter if you're writing 50,000 words or 50 words.

Contest is international. Deadline is Friday, December 17th. Post your points/total in the comments section, as well as your email address so I can notify you.

Good luck!

+ 5 if you're an old follower
+ 3 if you're a new follower
+ 2 if you posted a blog
+ 1 for every tweet about this contest
      (limit one tweet per day)


  1. FUN!!

    I'm a new follower, so +3. And I'm planning to do a contest round-up post on my blog Friday, so I'll be back. :)

  2. Great contest!
    +5 for old follower
    +2 for blog link:
    +1 for tweet: retweeted you @ChanelleGray

  3. New follower, though honestly Becca, I thought I joined your blog a long time ago. My bad. I don't join blogs to win prizes, so I'm not going to enter the contest (it's a personal choice), but I will blog about your contest anyway :-) Good luck and what a great giveaway!!!

  4. i'm an epic nano fail too. i actually couldn't get a grip on my story and wrote the first chapter 8 times. then started two different projects. ugh. glad to know there's others around like me :)

    thanks for an awesome contest :)

    5 - old follower
    2 - on my blog :)


  5. That giveaway is amazing! Thanks for the opportunity!

    + 3(new follower)

    rh3a_g (at) yahoo (dot) com

  6. YAY!

    +5 old follower

    total: 5

    email: kcalalang36 at yahoo dot com

  7. Every accomplishment is something...I got the 50k but I'm still trying to finish the d*mn novel...and I know revisions are going to take me a while. I already have several pages of "revision notes" and I'm not even done with the first draft *sigh*

    And I'm a new follower so +3


  8. I have 1K total on 3 SNIs :) Epic. Nano. Fail. I managed 5K total for the month.

    +5 old follower

    Thanks for the contest!!

  9. Epically failed Nano as well. But SQUEE for this awesomeness :D

    +5 old follower
    +2 linked to blog (sidebar..does that count?)
    +1 tweeted (!/bee_muses/status/10730680770101248)

    So that's an 8, I hope.

  10. +3 New follower here! ;)


    happy holidays everyone!

  11. I failed NaNo too! *fist pump in the air* :P I quit on day 5 or something. I'm not an aspiring writer or anything, so the blow didn't hit me too hard. Thanks for the contest!

    +3 new follower

    cc932005 at hotmail dot com

  12. I didn't do Nano, but I got a lot of writing done on a draft. And kudos to your revising. :)

    Thanks for the contest.

    I'm an old follower. +5

    I tweeted. +1!/sharifwrites/status/10992052279971840



  13. Great giveaway thank you so much! Alot of great books outs and coming out!
    +3 new follower
    +1 Tweeted too!/latishajean/status/13317377378746368

  14. Sadly I'm a NaNo fail! And now I'm kneedeep in revisions for TOL, so nothing new will be written anytime soon.

    Love that your contest is open internationally!
    I'm an old follower: +5
    And I tweeted: +1
    Total: 6

    You have my email! ;)

  15. Awesome contest!!

    I'm a new follower, so +2


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