Wednesday, October 20, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I haven't done anything for WIP Wednesday in a very loooooong time. I know NaNo is just around the corner, and while most are participating, some aren't. So, tell me--are you holding out until NaNo or is there something you're currently working on?

I'm also going to leave you with a few blogs I found helpful so far this week:

Over at Mary Kole's blog, she talks about trends in children's publishing. 
Are you revising? Check out these tips from Pimp My Novel.
Do you know what happens behind the scenes while on sub? Erin explains.
Katie takes on a humorous approach to queries.
Who are your favorite villains? Let LM Preston know.
BIG CONGRATS to Jill! She just sold her book.
Leah from the GotYA crew discusses what her character type is.

If you have any other helpful blog posts to add, feel free to post the link in the comments section. Or if you want to promote your own blog, that's fine, too. ;)


  1. I am currently revising a manuscript, but I am also going to do another novel for NaNo. I am pretty excited about it actually! Also, my cuz and I give out some pretty helpful advice on our YA Cuz We Write Blog over at:

  2. thanks for the link love!
    i am NaNoing as well. best of luck!

  3. Thanks for the link!

    I can honestly say that I'm getting sick thinking of the amount of junk food I'll be eating while NaNo is in full swing, but I'm REALLY excited for it this year. I feel like I'm way more prepared.

  4. I am re-reading my current wip in which I had to put aside for edits to a work that is coming out next spring. Also, for editing of a recent MG sequel that I had to get ready for beta readers. I updated my outline for my current wip in hopes that I will finish it by the end of Nanowrimo to be able to co-author a work. So ... yep, I'm waiting to nanowrimo to finish up my current wip.


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