Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WIP Wednesday

I haven't been updating my blog much in the past month because I've been busy. And then I realized I haven't heard about you guys and your writing! It's been FOREVERR since I've blogged about WIP Wednesday. I'm such a bad blogging friend, guys.
[*insert sad face here*]

So, tell me--what have you been working on?Are you setting any goals for yourself this week? This month? Let's hear it. :)


  1. Pfft, goals!? I just finished uni for the semester, so I am about to par-tay!! But I WOULD like to get a book finished by Xmas...that would be nice...

    Also, I gave you an award on my blog, because you're so awesome :) enjoy!

  2. I actually have TWO very shiny new ideas that are fighting for the top spot on my writing to-do list. One is a paranormal romance, which is what I normally gravitate toward but am getting a little tired of (gasp! is that possible?) and a contemporary romance which is very far out of my comfort zone but is very intriquing to me. I still haven't made a decision as to which to focus on more yet...ah well :)

  3. Glad to hear that you are blissfully busy. I'm in the last two weeks of 'aging' my recently finished wip Explorer X - Beta. I like to step away from it for about a month before I start edits. I'm also tweaking an outline to another sequel of my upcoming book, The Pack. Also, I have two beta reads to finish up before the end of the month. Whew, while promoting my upcoming release.

  4. i'm working on finding a new CO-CEO.

  5. I have a Shiny New Idea that I'm brainstorming and plotting for, and I'm very excited. My goal is to start writing it this weekend, if possible. :)

  6. Caitlin - Drink a few for me? :)) Thanks for the award!

    Karla - Were these the two I read on Tuesday? Contemp still has my vote!

    LM - WOW. Don't forget to take a breather in between all that work!

    Tahereh - Ahem. I thought Nes was your CEO? Hmph.

    Sandy - Here's to getting some wordage this weekend! *toasts*

  7. EEK! I've been working on a contemporary romantic comedy type novel, and also my bullying and addiction novels. Plus, another SNI is nagging away at my brain. Send help.


  8. Deb - You have a lot going on! I don't think I could handle more than one book at a time. It would totally screw with my head. lol

  9. Goals...LOL if I can just finish edits it'd be good!

    PS Gave you an award!

  10. Hey Becca. I've awarded you with the versatile blogger award. You can come pick it up from my blog. Have a great day :)

  11. Working to REALLy finish that book. So close I can taste it!

  12. Annie and Bec - Thanks for the award!! :D Annie, I can't wait to hear what you've done with edits. I know your book will be great!

    Janet - Good lucking with finishing! There's nothing like knowing you're. so. close. :)))


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