Thursday, April 15, 2010

Vlog: Editing in Layers

Yes, I'm about to eat my straw. ;)


  1. Hey, I do layers. I'm an OCD editor, so everytime I find a big mistake, I go back and start over reading my manuscript. :D

  2. I do the line crits first, then go back and work on expanding scenes -cuz my ms are anorexic. Then I look at characters. I base edits off of beta comments mostly, but gut feelings too. Great vlog! :)

  3. I do a fairly detailed outline first, so that I don't meander on a tangent and have to dig myself out!! When it comes to edits, I do the line crits first... mainly so that the words flow. Then I re-read and tackle big issues from betas.
    Awesome vid thingie :)

  4. I love your accent! I do line crits throughout the entire manuscript. First though, I go thorugh the entire manuscript and write notes to myself, tips, suggestions. Something like, "WTF, Remilda!? Why the crap did you have him say that? You want him to sound like a stalker?"

    And then I go and do the line crits. I didn't start that in the beginning though. I picked a chapter I wanted to begin on, and started there. The only reason I did that is because the first three chapters just...they deserve to be deleted. It hurts to read them again. I'm still on line crits, so I don't know if I'll do that on the next draft or edit another way.

    Great video, by the way.

  5. Your accent is gorgeous :D

    I edit by splitting everything into smaller chunks of chapters (I can't handle an entire MS at once, at least not at first), and then I'll read through those chapter sections in a linear way ie 1-3 first, 4-5 next and make sure each group of chapters was tying in with the last group etc. I make general comments about things that need to be improved. Right now that's "Develop friendship conflict more fully" and "Draw out symbolism" for the chapters I'm working on (so yeah, really general), and then when I'm done with those things I line edit the chapters.

    At the end I stitch everything together and hope to hell it works :D

  6. Everyone is so much more organized with their edits than I am... I don't have a process as such but I think with my next MS, I want to attempt Ink's method!

  7. I definitely do line edits first. I just go through the manuscript and cut out words that aren't needed. Then I take feedback from beta readers and try to add more "oomph" to the scenes. Not a very creative process, but it's better than what I used to do--which is scrap the whole thing. :)

  8. I like to read my drafts in PRINT. So when I finish typing the whole thing I print it off in sections of 30 pages each. After I read the first 30 I plug the edits into my computer. Then I print the next 30 and so on.

    After I finish the 1st draft (i reuse the back of my 1st draft) I print off the 2nd draft and do the same. this process continues until I'm satisfied.

    It's rather costly w/ the ink though =/ any suggestions?? I get computer eyes if i read the whole thing on my laptop.

  9. Thanks for all the great responses, guys! <3

    T.J. - Maybe you could wait until your last draft to print so you can save on ink. It's expensive! If you're worried about computer eyes, then maybe you can take small chunks to work on.


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