Thursday, April 8, 2010

CONTEST!! (Not Mine)

Guys, I love you. And my good friend Jamie Blair needs more followers. If we help her get to 50, then she's giving away Paper Towns by John Green (who she's totally in love with).

If you heard of this contest via MY BLOG, then leave a comment on JAMIE'S BLOG telling her so. She has the official rules up (see two links above).

Don't forget to follow her! I promise she's made of cool. :D

ETA: Contest winner has been announced! Congrats to Jenn! For those of you who followed Jamie from my blog, YOU ARE MADE OF AWESOME.

I <3333 you all.

If you still haven't gone over to follow Jamie, you should. She's made of awesome too. ;)

P.S. - Stay tuned, because I'll be hosting my own epic contest!


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