Thursday, April 1, 2010

Coming Soon!

A contest of epic proportions.

Guys, I'm not just talking about books here. We're writers. We're creative. We like artistic stuff.

So WHY have just books?


My contest will consist of things that you might/might not try for the first time, things that will add flair to that cramped charming desk of yours, things that you can actually use.

Yes, I'm thinking outside the box here.

What if it's stuff you've used before, but haven't used in a long time? I could bring back those memories for you.

(Coloring books are not involved.)

I think most people writers have contests for books, but I want to give something else, something fresh.

So, guys, stay tuned for further details. I've found some FANTASMICAL stuff I want to give away (and maybe, possibly, keep for myself).


  1. Mmm thinking outside the box is always fun :)

  2. Can I have that mouse? That looks pretty cool.

  3. Ooh, definitely intrigued! Can't wait!

  4. I like flair!!! *sits patiently and waits*

  5. *tries to hold still while waiting for more info*

  6. innnnnnteresting. Will wait to see!

  7. but i like books :(


    does your prize come with chocolate, at least??


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