Monday, March 15, 2010

Book Review: Hush, Hush

Yeah, I know. I'm late getting to this book. I've had it on my nightstand since, like, October or something, and it's been collecting nothing but dust. Well, I swept that dust off last night and finished the damn thing (then proceeded to pick up Living Dead Girl instead of finishing the other four books on my nightstand)! Don't hate! It'll be a quick read.

Okay, sooooo here's my take on it:


When I read a book, I want to feel like I'm there. I didn't feel that way with this book.

At. All.

I got a sense of what the buildings, homes, etc., look like, but have no sense of actually being in the building. I want to feel rain drops hitting my effin' cheeks, or the sun warming me through my clothes. Is that too much to ask?

Yes, I'm weird. It's a personal preference. You may not care whether the entire story takes place in a tree, but I care.

Moving on...

I'm not sure how I feel about the MC. She's tall? Frizzy hair? And has an...iron deficiency? Whaaaaaat. Hold up. Iron problems? This is certainly new. I'm wondering how Ms. Fitzpatrick came up with this one. I will say that I'm not impressed with how every time a tense situation occurs, the MC's iron problem acts up. Does it really do that when you're under stress? I'm doubting this. You know what would've been more realistic (and I know this from experience)... The MC should've had low blood sugar (I mean, if you want to go there with a character). When I don't eat, I get dizzy, nauseous, could possibly pass out, etc. Now THAT would've worked 10x better in situations--especially at the end of the book with the "tense" twenty-four hour time span, and her definitely not eating.


I have a general idea of what Patch looks like. GENERAL. That's it. Dark, wavy hair? Tan skin? Everything about this dude is dark.

Yet I can't really picture his face. Weird, huh? I see him more as a scrawny guy rather than the dude on the front cover artwork. Like, maybe that dude from The Princess Diaries movie (the first one).

Yeah, this dude:

Robert Schwartzman. Totally Patch (in my mind).

I will admit--there are some smexified scenes in this book. Enough that they kinda got me hot and wanting to take a cold shower. <---TMI

Wooh. Um. What?


On Goodreads, I gave this book four stars. I mean, these are minor problems. If I totally hated the characters, I'd give it three stars. Maybe two. Okay, three. I'm not that mean.

I know a lot of people compared this book to Twilight (of course, they compare everything to Twilight now), but it's really nothing like the Eddie/Bella relationship. While Bella is openly attracted to Eddie, Nora is stubborn about approaching Patch. At times, it's cute at how they always run into each other (because Patch is crazy about her).

And, of course, the infamous biology class! Blahhh, people. Get over it. There are going to be classes in YA books. It's high school. So Patch and Nora get partnered in biology? Big deal. At least they didn't study phases of onion roots, and win a golden onion. Srsly.

I also felt like there was too much narrative. Sometimes I wanted to shake the MC and say, "WE KNOW HOW YOU FEEL! MOVE ON," but I didn't. Thank God. My book would still be lost in my wall somewhere.

The last thing (even though I have quite a few negative comments above) is that I really did enjoy this book. Actually, my favorite character is Vee (Nora's BFF). Vee had the snarky attitude and I could totally see her face, and hear her speak. THAT'S what I'm looking for. Also, I'm a beginning and ending person with my books, so I'm automatically pulled toward beginning and endings of other books. I have to say: I love, love, lurrrrv the ending to this book. Very smexy. Anyone know when the sequel comes out?



  1. I enjoyed this book too! I think the sequel, Cresendo, is out in September or October some time. And I agree with your negatives here too. And I DEFINITELY agree with the Twilight comparisons being lame.

  2. I do agree with the positive and negatives of this book. It was a quick read too! Though I am kind of wary of getting the next book.

    Oh. My mom has severe anemia (really low iron) she does have to take iron tablets every day. In times of stress, she is prone to dizziness and her heart will start pounding really fast.

  3. ahah.
    oh *cough* hah. *coughing*


  4. @M.J.- Thanks for clearing that up! Just didn't seem right to me.

  5. I definitely agree with your review, particularly the negatives, though I did enjoy reading it (and did give it a 3.5 stars). :]

  6. I enjoyed this book a lot! Patch had me at hello :D
    Also, I don't think it's similar to Twilight just 'cos it's a YA paranormal romance.
    Crescendo's coming out in October :))

  7. I think you've already seen my take on this, but yeah, I was one of those people who felt the romance was a bit Twilight-esque (not an open attitude towards loving someone versus a closed attitude issue, though, or the biology class. I just thought the relationship was fuelled by...nothing. They inexplicably fell for each other against all reason).

    I agree about the setting, though. Totally, totally agree. In the best books, setting is like another character -- but I know it's a preference thing and some people don't like setting.

    Great review!


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