Monday, January 4, 2010

First Post of 2010

Well, I'm lame. I didn't ring in the new year. I passed out by 10:00. :)

But I am hoping this year is better than last. Last year was a tough one--mentally and emotionally. Here's to this year being a helluva lot easier. *cues here, here! toast*

Goals for this month:

Finish SM.

Oh, yeah. So close. I'm not going wish. I'm going to beat the crap outta myself succeed.

That means I need to stop watching Season 1 of Friday Night Lights. I swear I've never watched that show before in my life, and suddenly I have an infatuation with it. Trying to finish up the first season, and then on to the next!

Alas, I must stop at some point. I can't continue my obsession. It's unhealthy for one. And for two, well, I need to finish my damn book. (See above.)

Someone stop me, por favor.

Completely random:

I thought about him this morning. Then I thought about Vampire Diaries. WHEN IS THAT SHOW COMING BACK ON CW?!?! I'm having withdrawals. I want need Damon. I know it's sometime this month. The 21st maybe? Too long, my friends. Too long.

P.S. - I think I would follow that man to the ends of the earth. a non-stalker-ish sorta way. You know what I mean. ^.^

P.P.S. - Why do I have the Jurassic Park theme song stuck in my head?


  1. Crap! Now I have the Jurassic Park theme song stuck in my head! :) And you can TOTALLY finish SM! Besides, I need me some Ben!!

  2. He's very stalker worthy. MY GAWD HE'S HAWT! I believe it is the 21st - too long, I agree!

    Go SM!!! :D

  3. Based on that photo I'm afraid I'm going to have to procrastinate even longer and begin watching the vampire diaries.


  4. Ahh Ian. How I love thee. Anyway. BECCA YOU CAN DO IT. I love you and you can do it and it's gonna be awesome :D

  5. Becca, I <3 your randomness. :D


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